Shopping Notes

AUS Nutrition's website provides you with a "7-day return and purchase guarantee" (excluding "non-returnable products"), so you can have no worries about shopping. Most products purchased on the AUS Nutrition website are eligible for a 7-day shopping return refund or return guarantee (based on Hongkong Post or express delivery check-out records). Please contact us before returning. . For details, please visit the "Refund Policy" in the "Description" section of

For the delivery of goods, if the order exceeds HK$500, it will be delivered to the designated place, and the freight will be exempted. If it is higher than HK$300 and less than HK$500, it will only be delivered to the designated subway station; For $300, you can only pay for the sales hotspot provided. If you need to deliver the goods, you will be charged HK$30.

The following conditions or products will not accept refunds or return :
·  The product has been opened or used (eg, the packaging tape or box has been torn).
·  The product has not been properly packaged, damaged, damaged or incomplete.
·  Any discount, clearance, or sale product that does not accept returns.
·  Any free gifts and trial gifts.
·  Any product purchased at AUS Nutrition Promotion Point.
·  In the event of any dispute, AUS Nutrition's website reserves the right to make the final decision.