SOLD OUT Body Smart – Cinnamon Leaf         10ml

Body Smart – Cinnamon Leaf         10ml 

Major Ingredients :  

Cinnamomum Verum
Botanical name : Cinnamomum Zeylanicum
Extraction method : Steam distilled

Function :

The essential oil of cinnamon tree can be obtained by steam distillation in the bark and can also be extracted in the leaves. In aromatherapy, it is very important to distinguish between essential oils from bark or leaf, because the essential oil extracted from the bark has strong skin irritation and must not be on the skin, but the essential oil extracted from the leaves. Although it is also irritating, it is not as strong as the bark, so it must be carefully discerned. It must be clearly and clearly known that the cinnamon oil you use is manufactured from that part. In general, the essential oil of cinnamon leaves is cheaper than the essential oil of cinnamon. If you see that cinnamon oil is not labeled as part of cinnamon, don't buy it. Cinnamon has anti-caries effect and is also very problematic for indigestion, gastrointestinal cramps, colitis, flatulence, nausea and diarrhea. help. In addition, the combination of cinnamon and sage is warm and effective for menstrual warts. Cinnamon essential oil can be used as a passivator when menstrual cramps and pain are felt.

Traditionally, cinnamon is considered an aphrodisiac, but it must be used with great care. Only a very small amount of essential oil can be used for massage, which can produce a pleasant and exciting effect. Cinnamon helps relieve pain and remove colds and influenza. It is helpful for recovery after any disease and is used regularly during the winter to increase resistance and help prevent seasonal infections. Due to this warm-hearted nature, cinnamon oil is added to the massage oils used to treat poor circulation, muscle soreness and joint pain. It is more comfortable when used in winter. However, the amount used must be very careful, and the amount of dilution in vegetable oil must be minimal, usually less than 0.5% overall. The essential oil extracted from cinnamon leaves tastes like clove, while the difference between cinnamon and cinnamon leaf oil lies in the chemical composition, cinnamon leaves contain eugenol, and other syringol, benzoate, linalool, cinnamon Ester and other small ingredients, suitable for matching essential oils are lavender, rosemary, thyme or other citrus essential oils and some perfume essential oils, which are medium volatility essential oils.

How to use :

Use contraindications: Cinnamon leaves are applied to the skin and can irritate the skin or mucous membranes. The dosage must be very low and should never be used during pregnancy.

Disclaimer: Do not use essential oils directly on your skin as pure essential oils are highly concentrated and might be harmful. Never take essential oils internally without the guidance of Professional practitioner. Keep it away from children.

Note: This article describes many of the major components and pharmacological effects of plants, derived from finishing oil manufacturers and references. The essential oil active ingredient analysis and pharmacological effects, this information is for academic research and reference purposes, do not replace the medical treatment. Pure natural is not equal to the safety, it is recommended appropriate and appropriate amount of essential oils used in the dose, frequency, way to enjoy the aroma therapy brought pleasure.

Body Smart – Cinnamon Leaf 10ml

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