Body Smart – Ylang Ylang 1st        10ml

Body Smart – Ylang Ylang 1st        10ml 


Major Ingredients :  

Cananga Odorata
Botanical name : Cananga Odorata
Extraction method : Steam distilled

Function :

The most important function of Elan essential oil is that it can reduce the problem of shortness of breath and high heart rate. These symptoms may occur when people are hit or feel anxious. Immediate use of ylang-ylang oil can alleviate the symptoms. Breathing and tachycardia due to high blood pressure can also be treated with this essential oil. Ylang-Ylang's floral aroma is one of the most widely used ingredients in the perfume industry and the cosmetics industry. It balances the sebum secretion of the skin, so it is suitable for both dry and oily skin. It also has the effect of conditioning the scalp. Like jasmine, rose and sandalwood oil, ylang-ylang is an anti-depressant, aphrodisiac and tranquilizer that can help sexual life uncoordinated by stress or anxiety. The calm and relaxation function of Yilan is the main reason why it can aphrodisiac.

Functional attributes:  Anti-depression, antibacterial, calm, aphrodisiac, lowering blood pressure. Psychic effects: Regulates adrenaline secretion, relaxes the nervous system, soothes anger, anxiety and panic, making people feel happy.

Body Efficacy:   Balances hormones to regulate reproductive system problems. Its anti-frustration and aphrodisiac properties are well known for helping to improve sexual coldness and incompetence. Its calming properties are particularly effective for shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat, as well as lowering blood pressure. The antibacterial properties of yilan  seem to be beneficial for intestinal infections.

Skin Efficacy:   It is said to be used as a massage chest to effectively keep the chest firm. Because it can balance sebum secretion, it is helpful for oily and dry skin. It also has a stimulating and reinforcing effect on the scalp, making the newborn hair more shiny.

How to use :

Contraindications: Using too high a concentration or using it for too long may cause headache or nausea. Not recommended for use on skin with inflammation or eczema.

Disclaimer: Do not use essential oils directly on your skin as pure essential oils are highly concentrated and might be harmful. Never take essential oils internally without the guidance of Professional practitioner. Keep it away from children.

Note: This article describes many of the major components and pharmacological effects of plants, derived from finishing oil manufacturers and references. The essential oil active ingredient analysis and pharmacological effects, this information is for academic research and reference purposes, do not replace the medical treatment. Pure natural is not equal to the safety, it is recommended appropriate and appropriate amount of essential oils used in the dose, frequency, way to enjoy the aroma therapy brought pleasure.

Body Smart – Ylang Ylang 1st 10ml

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