Body Smart – Rosewood        10ml

Body Smart – Rosewood        10ml 


Major Ingredients :  

Botanical name : Aniba Rosaeodora
Extraction method : Steam distilled

Function :

Rosewood is a very safe essential oil that is non-toxic, non-irritating and does not cause allergies. It can be used to condition the body without irritating, while also stimulating the immune system, which is suitable for people with low immunity. Rosewood essential oil stimulates immunity more than tea tree oil. It is good for treating chronic fatigue or lymphadenitis caused by viral infection. Rosewood essential oil is a mild analgesic that effectively eliminates headaches, especially those associated with nausea. It can make your mind clear and have a calming effect. Rosewood essential oil is very good for skin care. Its disinfection and bactericidal function can treat acne. Because it is mild and non-irritating, it is suitable for any skin type, even for sensitive skin types. Rosewood essential oil can promote cell regeneration, is very suitable for aging skin, effectively reduce wrinkles, and can also be added to the cream to fight stretch marks. Its aroma is very good, and many of the shower gels and skin care products on the market often add rosewood essential oils. Rosewood essential oil is very suitable for people who are depressed or in a heavy mood. It is an essential oil that is very beneficial to the soul.

Functional attributes: Pain relief, anti-frustration, antibacterial, aphrodisiac, sterilization, brain, deodorization, insecticide, motivation, supplementation.

Psychic Efficacy:   A comprehensive balance that helps the mood of depression and extreme fatigue. Encourage and rejuvenate.

Body Efficacy:   It is effective against microorganisms and viruses, helps the immune system to have low defense, and can improve the body's resistance. It can also help soothe coughing symptoms of itchy throat. Rosewood essential oil is a famous aphrodisiac. It has wonderful functions in restoring sexual desire. It has a warm soothing effect and is helpful for sexual incompetence and sexual coldness. The characteristics of the brain can alleviate the symptoms of headache, especially the nausea caused by headache. It also has a good deodorizing function that helps the body regulate excessive moisture and heat. The effect on deworming is also very good.

Skin Efficacy:   Effectively stimulate cells to regenerate cell tissue. There are also balance and warm features. It can improve dry and sensitive skin, has good moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effect on the skin, and can help the skin to delay aging. Rosewood is effective against wounds or inflamed skin.

How to use :

Use contraindications: Avoid using during pregnancy.

Disclaimer: Do not use essential oils directly on your skin as pure essential oils are highly concentrated and might be harmful. Never take essential oils internally without the guidance of Professional practitioner. Keep it away from children.

Note: This article describes many of the major components and pharmacological effects of plants, derived from finishing oil manufacturers and references. The essential oil active ingredient analysis and pharmacological effects, this information is for academic research and reference purposes, do not replace the medical treatment. Pure natural is not equal to the safety, it is recommended appropriate and appropriate amount of essential oils used in the dose, frequency, way to enjoy the aroma therapy brought pleasure.

Body Smart – Rosewood 10ml

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