Body Smart – Lavender French        10ml

Body Smart – Lavender French        10ml 

Major Ingredients :  

Lavandula Officinalis
Botanical name : Lavandula Officinalis
Extraction method : Steam distilled

Function :

Lavender is the most widely used of all essential oils, and its efficacy can be divided into calming, soothing and most important balance. Whether it is psychological or physical, it can make people's body and mind, and automatically heal in a harmonious balance. The history of human use of lavender has been around for thousands of years, and the British Pharmacopoeia also lists lavender essential oil as an indispensable standing medicine. There are many varieties of lavender currently grown as herbs, and the medicinal lavender LAVANDULA OFFICINALIS is the most important one, also known as real lavender LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA or LAVANDULA VERA. These lavenders have the best taste and are the most widely used essential oils in people's favorite and aromatherapy.

Lavender oil has bactericidal and analgesic properties and is most commonly used to treat burns and various wounds, promoting wound healing and avoiding scarring. It relieves muscle pain and works very well. Massage can relieve symptoms such as rheumatism, sciatica, and arthritis. It relieves local pain, reduces the sensitivity of the central nervous system, reduces inflammation and gradually regulates various systems in the body. Massage or hot compressing the lower abdomen can relieve menstrual pain or improve menstrual bleeding. It also has a smoothing and calming function on the myocardium, which is very suitable for treating palpitations and helping to lower blood pressure. Due to its bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties, it is very effective for the treatment of skin disorders. It is one of the most suitable essential oils for the treatment of acne. It inhibits the growth of bacteria, avoids skin infections, balances excessive secretion of sebum and diminishes scars. Healthy new cells grow and treat a variety of eczema and warts. It can kill mold and effectively treat Hong Kong feet and money.

Lavender essential oil is ideal for treating cough, sinusitis, nose and throat mucositis and influenza. The most effective treatment is steam inhalation, or apply a little pure lavender essential oil directly to the throat and gently massage to relieve the throat. Symptoms of itching and coughing. Apply one to two drops of lavender essential oil on the sides of the nose with the same massage to treat nasal and throat mucositis. Massage your temples with lavender essential oils or apply lavender essential oils to your forehead and back neck to relieve headaches. Its calming effect is very good, and its aroma can help to treat insomnia caused by physiology, mental or stress. Lavender can help treat emotional imbalances or depression. Use it for a massage or bath to alleviate these symptoms and use it at night. Lavender's deworming effect is very famous. Apply some lavender essential oil on the skin (can be used alone or mixed with grapefruit or eucalyptus oil or lemongrass) to avoid bites of mosquitoes and other insects. If you have been bitten, bite as soon as possible. Apply some pure lavender essential oil to relieve pain and prevent the spread of injuries and prevent wound infection.

Functional attributes:   Analgesic, anti-frustration, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, antibacterial, anti-caries, anti-viral, flatulence, choleretic, spleen, promote scarring, excitement, promote cell renewal, relieve congestion and swelling, deodorize, detoxify, Diuretic, killing bacteria, lowering blood pressure, nerves, helping to calm, spleen, treating trauma and burns, soothing menstrual pain, improving insomnia, soothing respiratory problems, and driving away insects.

Psychic effect:   Lavender can calm the mood, so it has a positive effect on the mind. Can purify, appease the soul, reduce anger, and make people calm. Because it balances the central nervous system, it is helpful for panic and depression.

Body Efficacy:   It has a calming effect on the heart, which can lower blood pressure, calm the heart and improve insomnia. Its analgesic function improves muscle spasms and helps with sprains, excessive muscle use and rheumatism. It is more effective when mixed with Marjoram. Lavender is also helpful for the respiratory system, which can treat bronchitis, asthma, mucositis, colds, laryngitis and throat infections, reduce tuberculosis and prevent infection. It is also very helpful for menstrual problems, such as too small a flow, menstrual pain, vaginal discharge, used to massage the lower back to eliminate postpartum discomfort. Lavender can also clear the liver and the liver, and promote the secretion of the stomach, so it is effective against nausea, vomiting, colic and flatulence, effectively stimulating bile secretion to help digest fat. Lavender is a famous natural insect repellent that can drive away moths and insects as well as purify the air.

Skin Efficacy:   It can promote skin regeneration, balance sebum secretion, improve acne, eczema and dryness, and inhibit the growth of the bacteria, treat skin burns and sunburn, and reduce swelling and scars to a minimum. It is also a good hair conditioner and helps some baldness.

How to use :

Use contraindications: Avoid large doses during pregnancy. High doses may irritate sensitive skin or cause photosensitivity.

Disclaimer: Do not use essential oils directly on your skin as pure essential oils are highly concentrated and might be harmful. Never take essential oils internally without the guidance of Professional practitioner. Keep it away from children.

Note: This article describes many of the major components and pharmacological effects of plants, derived from finishing oil manufacturers and references. The essential oil active ingredient analysis and pharmacological effects, this information is for academic research and reference purposes, do not replace the medical treatment. Pure natural is not equal to the safety, it is recommended appropriate and appropriate amount of essential oils used in the dose, frequency, way to enjoy the aroma therapy brought pleasure.

Body Smart – Lavender French 10ml

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