Body Smart – Bergamot     10ml

Body Smart – Bergamot     10ml 

Major Ingredients :  

Botanical name : Citrus Bergamia
Extraction method : Cold pressed

Function :

Bergamot has three major functions, treating urinary tract infections, depression and anxiety, and protecting the skin. The origin is Northern Italy. For centuries, Italian intertextual medicine often uses its fruits. Just press the rind of bergamot to get the fascinating green essential oil. It has a fresh orange flavor, is very good and very good, almost everyone likes it, and it has a very good effect with any kind of floral essential oil. Lavender and bergamot, geranium and bergamot, or a blend of these three essential oils, are the most fascinating combinations.

Functional attributes:  anti-frustration, anti-caries, promote wound healing, deodorization, phlegm, insecticide, stomach, treatment of trauma, pain relief, antibacterial, flatulence, excitement, digestive digestion, fever, sedation, replenishment, worms .

Spiritual Efficacy:   Bergamot essential oil has a refreshing character, powerful anti-allergic effect, can calm anger, anxiety, depression, nervousness, is the best choice for nervousness. It treats both physical and psychological symptoms, rejuvenates and helps to relax. Massage alone or in combination with other essential oils can alleviate anxiety. Adding to bath water or using aromatherapy is also a very effective method.

Body Efficacy:   Bergamot is an extremely valuable antibacterial agent for urinary tract. It is effective in treating urinary tract infections and inflammation. It can improve cystitis. Mixed chamomile, sandalwood and eucalyptus essential oils are one of the most suitable essential oils for treating urethritis. The bacteria expand the infection, and dilute 0.5 to 1% into the bath water to make a local cleansing solution to reduce itching and secretion of the reproductive organs. Bergamot can treat digestive tract infections and is helpful for the digestive tract. It can alleviate the pain caused by indigestion, flatulence, cramps, loss of appetite and so on. It can stimulate appetite and is very useful for anorexia nervosa. It is also an intestinal antibacterial agent that can remove intestinal parasites and eliminate gallstones. Bergamot helps infectious diseases of the respiratory tract, such as difficulty breathing, tonsillitis, bronchitis and tuberculosis. It is usually effective for lip herpes, water beans and herpes zoster. Separate or mixed with eucalyptus essential oils, they are excellent viricides that inhibit herpes simplex virus. It is a good insect repellent and it works better with lavender essential oils. It has the function of regulating the uterus and can be used to treat infections that are transmitted through sexual activity.

How to use :

Use contraindications: When blending bergamot oil for use on the body, dilute to 1% or less. If used more than 1%, avoid exposure to strong sunlight after use, as it will enhance the skin's sensitivity to sunlight. Degree, making the skin easy to tan, more likely to sunburn or irritate sensitive skin. For more than 1% or more of bergamot essential oil, choose an anti-photosensitive bergamot oil that does not contain citrus oil lactone.

Disclaimer: Do not use essential oils directly on your skin as pure essential oils are highly concentrated and might be harmful. Never take essential oils internally without the guidance of Professional practitioner. Keep it away from children.

Note: This article describes many of the major components and pharmacological effects of plants, derived from finishing oil manufacturers and references. The essential oil active ingredient analysis and pharmacological effects, this information is for academic research and reference purposes, do not replace the medical treatment. Pure natural is not equal to the safety, it is recommended appropriate and appropriate amount of essential oils used in the dose, frequency, way to enjoy the aroma therapy brought pleasure.

Body Smart – Bergamot 10ml

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