Body Smart – DIZZINESS & VOMITING Healing Therapy Oil- Australia   20 ml

Body Smart – DIZZINESS & VOMITING Healing Therapy Oil - Australia   30 ml

Major Ingredients :  

Australian Ingredient Essential & Carrier Oil Blend (Almond Oil , Macademia Oil, Vitamin E Natural, Peppermint , Basil, Ginger , Lavender , Orange Sweet , Lemon , Chamomile)

Function :

Symptoms of Dizziness may include sensations of Vomiting, spinning, nausea, a loss of balance, headache, sweating. Certain head positions may trigger peripheral dizziness and bring on symptoms suddenly.

Body Smart Dizziness & Vomiting Body Care Oil can be a great choice for helping to relieve this uncomfortable sensation. they may help support the central nervous system, relieve the symptoms of dizziness and vomiting, and even help reduce inflammation and treat infections due to their antiseptic properties. Selected essential oil formula have represent the true essence of a plant and its healing properties. They can be used as a part of aromatherapy or mixed with carrier oils, help boost mental, emotional, and physical health.

How to use :

Use this oil apply on forehead, temple, nose, neck area directly. Helping to relieve this uncomfortable sensation, the symptoms of dizziness and vomiting. Before applying this oil to the affected area, you should test on a clear patch of skin to make sure that it does not cause any irritation.

Body Smart – DIZZINESS & VOMITING Healing Therapy Oil- Australia 20 ml

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