Body Smart – Tea Tree Organic Floral Water/Hydrosol - Suitable for oily, acne, sensitivity dermatitis and eczema skin     100 ml

Body Smart – Lavender French Organic Floral Water/Hydrosol - Suitable for mixed or oily, acne prone skin and large pores     100 ml 

Major Ingredients :  

Lavender pure dew.

Function :

Pure undiluted and natural, produced via steam distillation of fresh Lavender blossoms. Lavender Hydrosols is one of all-time best and most traditional facial beauty products, making it ideal for every skin type on a regular bases. containing a variety of water-soluble components of the lavender plant tannins, proteins, plant sugars can promote cell regeneration, balance oil secretion, clean skin, antibacterial disinfectant help acne and small wounds rapid healing and prevent scar left, and moisturizing oil suppression the astringent effect. A delightful fragrance and its own beneficial cooling and healing therapeutics.  Lavender is rightly famed for its regenerative effects on damaged or fragile skin. Use it daily as a makeup remover and cleanser. Mist the face and neck throughout the day to combat excessively dry atmospheres. Spray skin both before and after shaving or hair removal to reduce inflammation, get a closer shave, and prevent ingrown hairs. Carry to warmer climes for calming sunburn, heat rash, sunstroke, rasher, bug bites, and itching. Mist skin before moisturizer or sunscreen applications, to prevent wind and temperature damage.

Use it to cleanse cuts and scrapes can really makes it better. Lavender won't cause allergies or skin reactions, It is fabulous for use with babies, can be added to the bath, or combined with Roman Chamomile for diaper rash, or mist in the air or clothing to help make naps and bedtime easier to achieve. Calming and cooling to body, mind, and spirit, makes refreshing. Use Lavender hydrosol to calm cranky moods and cleanse.

How to use :

Close your eyes, hydrosols amount sprayed directly on your face, or coated with a clean cotton, for toner or moisture water. every day can be used anytime.

Body Smart – Tea Tree Organic Floral Water/Hydrosol - Suitable for oily, acne, sensitivity dermatitis and eczema skin 100 ml

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