Ultrasonic Waves Aroma Diffuser    300ml

Ultrasonic Waves Aroma Diffuser    300ml 

Function :

Ultrasonic negative ion aromatherapy water oxygen machine, using the principle of electronic oscillation, using piezoelectric ceramic oscillator to generate high frequency shock waves to break up the liquid molecular structure, using this method to shake the essential oil into very fine mist particles, and then use the fan to fog The particles are sent out. During the atomization process, a large amount of high-concentration negative ions will be released, combined with the floating smoke and dust in the air, and the electrostatic treatment will precipitate and filter, which can effectively remove harmful substances such as formazan, carbon monoxide, bacteria and odor. Keeping the sense of smell natural, avoiding the harm of pollutants, improving the sanitation and clearing the source of pollution in the air, easily purifying the air, improving the air quality, avoiding the purpose of infectious diseases, and the essential oil reaches the brain through the sense of smell to achieve the magical effect of essential oils. Water and ultrasonic vibration directly atomize the liquid into particles, so that the aromatic essential oil dissolved in water is completely atomized in the air at 100% under normal temperature; the water atom atomized aromatic molecules are easy to absorb and penetrate the skin, and enjoy the forest bath at any time to improve the environment. Improve the quality of air, mood, and stress management.

With water shortage automatic power off safety device. Adjust the size of the visible space. Whole fog volume - spray four-stage control (large / medium / small / shutdown). The most energy-saving - the maximum power consumption of 12W, more energy-efficient than the bulb, with a measuring cup and 220v transformer.

Aquatic essential oil aroma effect:
* Beauty moisturizing, moisturizing and improving skin.
* Provide fresh air and enjoy breathing quality.
* Deodorize, eliminate smoke and purify the air.
* Fragrant air creates a romantic atmosphere.
* Improve the efficacy of spa and aromatherapy.
* Water waves atomize aromatic molecules, which are easy to absorb and penetrate the skin.
* Use 100% natural pure essential oil to atomize, help to strengthen the respiratory tract and boost the immune system.

Application :  
Suitable place --
Home use: living room, bedroom, kids room, study, sparrow room, pet room.
Business: office, conference room, hotel, eating place, beauty salon, hospital clinic, cram school, pet shop, various private and public places.

Ultrasonic Waves Aroma Diffuser 300ml

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