SOLD OUT AUSTERE LIFE Vintage Aromatic Reed Diffuser - Sweetly Apple    160ml

AUSTERE LIFE Vintage Aromatic Reed Diffuser - Sweetly Apple    160ml  

Major Ingredients :

Sweetly Apple  essential oils

Function :

Aromatic Reed Diffuser can help you to release stress factors may be mental, physical or environmental in origin. Aromatic Fragrant oil travels up through the reeds and softly fills your home or office with a lingering bouquet of blissful aromas.

AUSTERE LIFE natural reed diffuser is an easy, effective and safe way to diffuse continuous fragrance throughout your environment. No smoke, dripping wax or the anxiety of burning candles.

How to use :
Remove the glass cap and insert the reed sticks, Aromatic Oil, Blooms within 48 hours. The aromatic oils are absorbed up through the slender willow reeds and released naturally, enhancing every moment of everyday with splendid fragrance that lasts up to two months. (depending on your surroundings) There is no smoke or drippy wax to worry about.

Where to use: Enhance the décor of any space you like. Reed are great for those “no candle zones” such as offices, dorm rooms and homes with young children.

Common Caution: Handle with care when handling your Reed Diffuser. Always pick up the bottle by its body and not its neck. Avoid contact with eyes. Wash skin if oil comes in contact with it. Oil may cause staining on wood surfaces and fabrics. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with excessive heat or open flames and maintain air circulation..

AUSTERE LIFE Vintage Aromatic Reed Diffuser - Sweetly Apple 160ml

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