AUS Nutrition's professional attitude is to provide repeated inspections of orders from Hong Kong and Kowloon New Territories to ensure that the products are of good quality. Only the delivery journey may lead to product dumping, deterioration or damage. If your product is damaged when it is received, please return the product according to the "Return Product Program". We will arrange to ship the goods again according to the delivery method of your order, and will not add any shipping charges. If you have returned a defective, damaged or erroneous product to us, we will arrange for the return of the returning shipping charges. In case the returned goods have been sold out, we will refund the refund of the goods to you in the original payment.

If you want to return the goods, please follow the procedures below to pack the goods and return them :

1     Contact Us, please let us know your order number.

2    After receiving our confirmation email, please properly package the goods that need to be returned and attach a copy of the email or delivery note.

3    Return the goods the receipt address specified on the our note.

Please note that we must check and verify the return before returning or refunding. If the situation is found to be inconsistent with our return policy, all returns will not be returned or refunded, nor will it be responsible for returning the goods.

At the time of refund, the shipping cost and handling fee of the original order will not be refunded. We apologize for any inconvenience. We will return the total amount of the goods to you. If the returned goods are accompanied by promotional gifts or special purchases, the goods must also be returned, otherwise the refund will not be processed. If the affiliated gift is not returned, we will deduct the value of the gift or the special offer when the refund is made.

Some orders will be returned due to unknown delivery address, PO Box, hotel address, undelivered multiple delivery or recipient rejection of the package. When the postal company returns the parcel to us, we will deduct the original freight, handling fee and 15% of the total amount of the product as the refund processing fee. The remainder will be refunded according to the "Refund Policy" and "Refund". Time" processing.

We can ship the returned parcel again for the guest, but the guest will need to pay the postage for the reshipment. The postage in Hong Kong is HK$30 and is calculated on a per pack basis.