The origin and use of pure plant base oil

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For aromatherapy, the base oil is a vegetable oil that is produced directly from nuts and seeds. Cold pressed vegetable oils should avoid overheating during cold pressing, minimizing the inherent nature of changing the base oil. Traditionally, there are two methods of cold pressing, one is to press the raw seed or the nut through a hydraulic press to extrude the base oil, which is suitable for soft seeds. If the hard nuts or seeds need another cold pressing method, the bottom oil is squeezed out by a horizontal press with a huge spiral. The first oil collected is called the first pressure 'Virgin'. When the pressure increases, the heat naturally occurs, and more oil is squeezed out. Care must be taken to keep the temperature not higher than 70-80 degrees (60 degrees is the limit allowed by France). If it exceeds this temperature, it cannot be called cold-pressed oil.

These commonly used base oils can be massaged with or without essential oils. Massage at home, the amount of adult is 3 drops (1%) per 15 mls of base oil; the amount of children is 2 drops (0.5%) per 20 mls of base oil; the weight of children aged 3-6 is Add 30 mls of base oil plus 1-2 drops (0.3%); the amount of children under 3 years old is 1 drop (0.1%) per 50 mls of base oil.

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