The natural power of pure essential oil

Posted by Eric 05/05/2019 0 Comment(s)

Pure essential oils for aromatherapy are extracted from plants, and the so-called plants contain plant roots, leaves, fruits, seeds, flowers, wood and resin liquids to improve the body condition. In fact, many pure essential oils can alleviate some of the symptoms of physical discomfort. They can also relieve the emotional stress through the aromatherapy inhalation method, which makes people feel good and have a good mood. In the 1960s we began to change, focusing on the power of flowers and plants, peace and love. People began to realize their spiritual strength, natural medicine began to enter, and the role of modern orthodox medicine complemented each other. In the whole treatment, we use essential oils to strengthen our body's defense ability. This allows the body to deal with the disease. This treatment can help us see the condition from different angles. Help us to observe the environment around us – the environment, food, stress factors and self-adaptation to lead a better lifestyle to help treat the disease.

Aromatherapy is to know how to use essential oils to maintain and improve the health of body, mind and spirit. To understand that each ingredient that has its unique composition reacts with the body, there are three aspects to the chemical reaction of the essential oil in the body.

Pharmacologically:  When the essential oil enters the blood vessels, it reacts with hormones and enzymes, causing a body reaction.

Physiologically:   Essential oils have a calming and stimulating effect on the body.

Psychologically:   When inhaling essential oils, it affects your mind and emotions.

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