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  • Lex純金箔眼部閃亮收緊精華霜 – 適合任何皮膚

    LEX面部護理系列》 » 金箔美肌護理系列

    Lex純金箔眼部閃亮收緊精華霜 – 適合任何皮膚          
    功能 : LEX 金箔 DNA 眼部閃亮修護精華霜採用最新科技提取修護成份,結合了能使皮膚細胞再生的要媒介-脫氧核糖核酸DNA能迅速深入肌膚底層,海洋DNA配合珍貴24K金箔,能平衡皮膚細胞正負離子,促進細胞更新並提升鬆弛肌膚,收緊眼袋,海藻粹取物可加強保濕效果,提升眼部肌膚彈性,促進新陳代謝,配合金縷梅精華,雙重抗氧化及捕捉自由基,延止肌膚衰老,減退黑眼圈及消除眼睛疲勞,木槿花粹取物能有效控制肌膚動態紋,減淡並避免眼紋過早出現。

    零售價: $398.-


    Lex Radiance Gold DNA Eye Gel Essence - Suitable for all types of skin
    Major Ingredients :  Marine DNA(Potassium DNA, Zinc DNA, Sodium DNA,  Magnesium DNA, Calcium DNA), Seaweed Extract, Hibiscus (Hibiscus Esculentus),
    Witch Hazel Extract (Hamamelis), Gold Leaf (24 Carat)
    Function :
    LEX Radiance Gold DNA Eye Gel Essence is formulated with the latest technology and advanced anti-ageing ingredients of Marine DNA can rapidly depth the underlying skin, combine the Gold leaf to make the skin cells to balance the positive ions and anion and promote cell renewal and enhance the loose skin. Seaweed Extract, Hibiscus Esculentus and Witch Hazel Extract to regenerate and re-energize weary eyed. To reduce dark circles, repair damage and get rid of puffiness and bags. Help to improve fine lines and dehydration around the eyes.

    S/P : $398.-

  • Lex純金箔美肌精華液 – 適合任何皮膚

    LEX面部護理系列》 » 金箔美肌護理系列

    Lex純金箔美肌精華液 – 適合任何皮膚                
    主要成份 : 珍貴胎盤酵素,純金箔萃取物,脫氧核糖核酸,核糖核酸,膠原蛋白
    功能 : 含獨有尊利配方, 主要成份珍貴胎盤素、純金箔萃取物、脫氧核糖核酸、核糖核酸及膠原蛋白等重要養份,促進肌膚重生及新陳代謝,展現肌膚健康新生。並提升皮下細胞修復重生功能,減退黑斑與皺紋,肌膚變得滑白明亮。尊利配方對於加強新生細胞有效地進行保存水份及養份,從而增強肌膚彈性與緊緻幼嫩效果。

    零售價: $868.-


    Lex Skin Essence DNA & RNA Serum - Suitable for all types of skin
    Major Ingredients : Placenta Enzymes, Gold Leaf, DNA Sodium, RNA Sodium, Collagen
    Function :
    Bio Placenta Serum contains DNA, RNA, Collagen. It supports skin regeneration by increasing the metabolic rate and thus the skin appears fresh and healthy. It highly effective in stimulates cell renewal, removes black spots and minimizes wrinkles and fine lines. Skin becomes brighter and clearer complexion. Its special formulation to enhance the process of cell revitalization and optimize the moisture restoration that helps the skin nature moisture balance all day. Increase skin elasticity, lifting and firming effect.

    S/P : $868.-

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